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2017 Bonsai Show

Photo Credit - Brian Greenway

Our 2017 show at the annual Oshawa Peony Festival was our biggest undertaking ever.

Over the course of the weekend the festival enjoyed approximately 7,000 visitors and anyone who was working at the bonsai show would easily agree that at times it seemed like all 7,000 visited our trees.  Happily, only a very few of those visitors felt the need to touch!

In recognition of Canada's 150th Birthday  the Matsuyama Bonsai Society created a special feature - a tribute to Canada's "Group of Seven".  An entire side of our show was devoted to trees and plantings in a style that very effectively called to mind this brilliant group of native artists. 

Visitors were drawn to this section of the show, maybe because it just looked different but more likely - at least in our opinion- because this section of our show was uniquely Canadian. It called immediately to mind the trees,  forests, islands,  lakes  and cottages and campgrounds that are friendly and familiar memories to so many of us.


2017 also marked the 30th anniversary of the Society and a special section of our show featured some of the trees that have been cared for by members for the entire thirty years.

It was our biggest show, our most diverse and some  would say our most original.

A special thanks goes out to the members who donated so much of their time and energy and talent to make this show such a wonderful success and set the bar so high for 2018.

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