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Grace Wicht


Gracie was a great friend to us in the Bonsai community. With her vast wealth of knowledge, she was always there with her smile and enthusiasm, suggestions and encouragement.

Being an original member of MBS, joining in 1987 and a member of the Toronto Bonsai, she was a well informed President, twice, from 1990-1995 and from 1998-2001. As our President she introduced Suiseki, encouraged keeping files on our trees, and our contacts with TBS. While doing all this, she styled and maintained a large bonsai collection. The meetings, were run skillfully  with the help of her husband Rudi, who was also our long serving Treasurer and Member at Large.

A pleasing Ficus bonsai was the focal in her living room and her Pine bonsai is now displayed in a member’s backyard. .After her move, we always enjoyed Rudi’s and Gracie's visits, and enjoyed their expertise at  our backyard summer meetings. Her kind, giving  and gentle manner has set an example for our club.

grace pine

Grace's Pine

Rrace and Rudi

Grace with Rudi showing a member how to trim Azaleas

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